We are a Licensed Repairer in WA

Our mobile mechanic workshop will come to you, anywhere in the Perth Metro area.

We provide a quality and personalised range of services for your motorcycle, quad, or scooter.

If you can't get your bike to a mechanic, let the mechanic come to you.

(Including Log Book)

Perth Motorcycle Service offers major and minor services for your motorcycle, scooter or ATV. Using only quality genuine or aftermarket parts your bike will receive all the required checks, adjustments and changes necessary to keep it performing at its best.

Got a new bike? No problem! We can complete your log book service without compromising the factory warranty. This saves you the time and hassle of getting your bike back to a local dealership.

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To keep your motorbike on the road or track we can keep your suspension in tip-top shape. Whether you need fork seals and bushes, linkage bearings or an aftermarket shock replacement, we can supply and install the parts you require.

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From basic engine work such as cam chain replacement to full engine rebuilds, Perth Motorcycle Service has got you covered. With access to genuine and aftermarket parts we can get that tired engine back to itself in no time.

We can get you ready for that next race meeting or back on the road for a weekend ride with your mates.

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Clutch & Transmission

Is your clutch slipping, gears not selecting or jumping in and out? No problem!

We can replace those worn or damaged parts. Anything from clutch plates to full gearbox main shafts, we can even replace with upgraded parts if required.

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With years of experience, Perth Motorcycle Service has a great understanding of motorcycle electrics.

Our mobile service can diagnose and fix your electrical faults at your location. We can assist with blown bulbs, loss of spark or battery problems to more complex issues including electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems.

We can supply the replacements parts such as CDI's, starter motors, regulator rectifiers, stators, coils and switch blocks.

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Wheels Tyres & Steering

Perth Motorcycle Service can help you with any wheel, tyre or steering problems you may have.

In our mobile workshop we have an on-board tyre changing machine and wheel balancing facilities meaning that we can repair or replace punctured tyres without the hassle of getting your bike to a shop. We can also easily replace your worn or pitted steering head or wheel bearings.

With years of experience in spoked wheel building we can either build you the new wheels you're after, rebuild or re-spoke your old ones, or simply straighten them up to keep them running true.

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Insurance/Damage Quotes & Repairs

Does your motorcycle, scooter or ATV have some damage that is in need of repair? From stolen recovery to accident damage we can help get it back to its former glory.

Perth Motorcycle Service can assess and provide a full written quote to repair your bike. We will work with the insurance company to get you back on the road as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

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Scooter Upgrades

Perth Motorcycle Service can help you get more speed, power and acceleration out of your 50cc scooter by supplying and installing 70cc kits and power pipes to most major brands.

We could alternatively perform a basic derestrict to get your scooter performing the way you want it to.

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Parts & Accessories

With access to major suppliers Perth Motorcycle Service can supply and fit the parts and accessories you're after. Whether it be genuine or aftermarket, please CONTACT US so that we can assist with the parts you need.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Perth Motorcycle Service can help take the stress out of buying your next used bike with our pre-purchase inspections.

We can inspect and give you a report of any issues that are found. Perth Motorcycle Service can also provide advice on maintenance items that would need to be addressed to have the motorbike scooter or ATV performing as it should. Quite often our inspections will save you time and money by giving you that extra bargaining power.

Our pre-purchase inspections may warn you to steer clear of a lemon, protecting you from ongoing repair bills.

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